Thursday, October 6, 2011

Student Comments About This Course (Winter Interterm 2010 offering)

Student Quotes: JUST-2030 Winter Interterm 2010

This course changed my life. It was not the articles we read or the testimonies we heard, but the accumulation of emotions... This type of course is what makes colleges stand out from one another. It is courses like ‘Spaces of Memory: Texts and Contexts of the Dirty War’ that make students better world citizens.”-Sara Snyder

I honestly can’t explain enough to anyone how important it was for this class to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Anyone who took the course can attest to the power of the lessons.” –Annabelle Allen

This has truly been a life changing experience for me, especially because I feel that I have grown not only in an academic aspect but also a personal one... I can never express the gratitude I have for you as a professor taking this on and passing on your knowledge to me and just opening my eyes to something that not a lot of people get to see. I’m not only smarter but I believe I’m also wiser and it’s thanks to this experience of a lifetime.” –Guadalupe V. Gutiérrez

Both the class experience, as well as the heart wrenching interactions I have had with people… from Argentina and from DU…have touched my heart. They will remain experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my days of my life... Thank you so much Profe for a wonderful course. I truly have learned so much and I am so glad that I have learned it from you.”–Alicia Wuth

The course, I have to acknowledge, was very intense with detailed analytical work. Hence, because of this, we have grasped many concepts unimagined.” –Damaris Escobar

It was an amazing experience that I didn’t expect. I love traveling and thought the topic was interesting where I would learn a lot. However, I didn’t expect to feel the emotions and deep connection to the topic.” –Samnang Son

Este curso abrió mi mente a un mundo nuevo. De verdad, fue una experiencia inolvidable y una oportunidad única. Me siento muy agradecida por tener esta oportunidad y quiero agradecerte por creando una clase tan interesante, íntima, e inolvidable.” –Kelli Mowrey

I am so thrilled I took this class and was able to make the visits I did. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity personally and mentally. I was definitely challenged with this course, the material and the analysis of the dictatorship.” –Angela Romero

This has been a truly transformative experience.  I had anticipated it so much and felt so strongly about the “rightness” of my being here, that I was slightly worried that it would not live up to the high expectations I had ramped up in my mind.  In fact, it even exceeded them... Thank you, Lydia.  Your words inspired my dissertation, and you have continued to provide incredible access, insight, and understanding to the project." –Jen Rinaldi

Nothing could have prepared me for the intensely personal stories and experiences we were going to have... Overall incredible class and experience and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of it...” –Bryce Tobin

This class was so much more than I ever expected it to be... Words like ‘amazing’ ‘moving’ ‘influential’ ‘unforgettable’ just seem trite and don’t truly describe how this trip was.  They all have the essence of what I want to portray, but I feel that saying things like that does not adequately convey the complexity of emotions and experiences.” –Kathryn Frame

What a privilege to have been able to take part in this trip! In those experiences! I am grateful that I had a chance to learn more about this period in Argentina's history, and that I had the opportunity to do so with such lovely classmates and with such amazing speakers.” –Melanie Canfield

I thought the class was one of the best classes that I have taken at DU... I felt like I really connected with the topics, the discussions, and objectives of the class, and even better, I really felt like I left with an understanding of that time period that I did not have before. I feel like now I have more of an understanding of the city that I consider my own; much more so, than many of the people who are from here.” – Alexandra Shepard

After exploring events of atrocity so thoroughly in the context of another culture, my gaze has turned inward toward myself and my own country and its responses to genocide...  I feel grateful that this class allowed me to explore these connections...” –Emily Kolm